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Good News

I figured out, we all should start a democracy program to deal with public issues, then we can override anything, like the government people, military officers.....Then free money would be in charge, we just say we are deciding things together, using votes, and then we do not care about what the few objectors say, we can just do it in the head or in real life!

Since we have everyone on free money's side, we should have the power of the country, it fits into the basic principles of politics, it is legit!!!

As for how to vote, should we do it in the head? On the internet???

We should not vote too divided, make sure to involve all the ppl involved by the voting, we can vote in national scale too!!! But if it is just about a few ppl, you can vote between those few people too, no problem!

Do not vote randomly or too much for no reason, take every voting seriously and make sure it is correct!

They didn't prepare for this, so this is a loophole for them!!



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