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They seriously ran away and their plans

They ran away and it was planned long time ago, because.

1.The unemployment rate is too high, so if ppl get killed that much, they'd rather start a violent revolution, so they killed a bunch and ran away long time ago, to avoid the unsolvable problem,
so their running away was planned, and happened some time ago, for real!!!!!!!!
2.They are pretty happy about the fact that free money is going to take over, and they can be pardoned, and nobody is real there anymore so they are SERIOUSLY waiting for us free money to take over.
3.BUT, the sniping is real, as soon as we get something done, they would kill us and use our legacy to build a new society to leach on....that's their REAL plan, so....
IF we want to do free money, we have to get it right, there are snipers everywhere in the capital government places, even though they want free money too, but they are actually fake decoys, the real snipers would be them, not the ones living in the capital.
So, do it legally and stay at home, do not risk anything till you are elected to do the government, and you would have the political rights to find a military or police force, like at least 100 people to protect you to go to the capital to become the president or something, at least this is the plan right now!!!
Liu Pengjia
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