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Temporary Policies from Free Money

Temporary Policies from Free Money

Use the old crime new crime stuff, it is pretty useful according to my experiences.

It is like that : we just decide a time point, then all crimes before that would be pardoned, any crime after that would be put on trail, if it is reported by the victim.
This is lawful if in the future we have like over 50%, 80% of the country's population just agreed to a temporary law to do this, then we can just get rid of this temporary law, it is legal according to all/most constitutions!
Because we all committed crimes, to avoid violence and death, we just use this, it is pretty smart actually, gather some ppl just say we are using that old crime new crime thingy already.
To be fair, we just use the same standard.
Tell the victim or their family to remember to report crimes to the court when the pardon comes, and everybody remember their contribution to free money and report it to the court too for benefits.
You see, pardoning so many ppl at once is no small matter, like A want to pardon B, but the basic logic is : IF B do not have anything and this pardon action actually caused serious damage in the end, who would pay for the damage except for the part we can get back from A?B cannot because it is too weak.But free money can, because free money has a lot of money, people, politics and since we are the majority we have the country too, if anything goes wrong with pardoning so many ppl at once, free money would be the only existence that can pay for the damage, thus free money is the only thing which can pardon everyone!!!
And the following logic is interesting too : If anyone is against free money or refuse to be pardoned, then he/she would be a criminal according to the fact that he/she killed someone or committed serious crimes in the past, thus all his/her crimes would be put on trail!!!So nobody want to be against free money!
Since in free money, without killing, we would be using the law to govern society, we all need to be pardoned first, then we can live like a legal citizen, otherwise using the law would be awkward.
As for killing dying ppl, judging by the special situation, it is not a crime before free money is used for free money, then there would only be a few fools be reported for murder.
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