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​Script 2 for an Animation about Free Money

Script 2 for an Animation about Free Money

A:How are you doing?

B:Fine, how r u?

A:Pretty well. Why do you look unhappy?

B:You know, the usual stuff, money is hard to get.

A:Yeah, you do not say, you do not have job, bro.

B:None of us have a job, I mean a real job, we are all doing that thingy....Which is pretty....How is you family?(like have you lost some family members recently?)

A:Everything is fine!....Maybe we can try getting a real job, it would be way more easier!!!Wouldn’t it be?

B:I’d love to do that too!!

(A and B went to a factory together....met the manager of the factory : C.)

A:Do you need workers?

C:Hur...no.It is not working season actually!

B:Why?I thought you are always recruiting!

C:Yeah, I know, but it is actually a business technique.You see, we are resting right now.

A:When would your factory get back to work?

C:We only work one month for real every year, and for this year, it is already done!

A:Would you be needing new workers when the next working season starts?


A(to B):Damn, this factory is shitty, maybe they do not have businesses at all.

C:Not really, actually we produce all the cleaning papers the whole town area uses.

B:Really?Then why don’t you need more workers?

C:Actually we use machines to produce things now, only like 20 workers are needed, the machines are way cheaper, more effective than humans, actually, for the whole world, machines only work for about 1 month every year, but they produce everything the whole world needs already in that short amount of time, costing very little money too. After we have computers and AI, even less human workers are even less needed.

Actually if we do the calculation, the whole world can just use the machines to do almost everything for us, and we just do a little work the machines cannot do like creating new science, art, sports and such, it is very very fine, because using machines to work is just as good as using humans most of the time, it is even better actually! We can just all live like machine slave owners and be rich forever without doing too much work, if we want to!

B:Wow, that’s awesome!

A:Yeah, the machines are really great!

C:Yeah, if the machines work 1 moth more every year, we would have 2 times of more products to enjoy, 3 month for 3 times, 6 month for 6 times!!!

A:Wait, is that why we are all unemployed???

C:Exactly!Because modern machines are so good, we might as well just use part of the profits the machines created to pay humans to do not work, machines are totally cheaper, faster, more effective and safer! For like 99% of the works need to be done, machines are totally superior!

B:So, how many jobs have the machines took from human workers?

C:For today, in 2023, about 75% of the human population is unemployed, more developed the countries are, the less human workers they need, like this number is 80% in China, 90% in the USA and Europe!



A:Turns out the machines got all our jobs, damn....

B:Yeah, now I think about it, that thingy is not too bad, otherwise not only most of us cannot afford good products, we would starve!


A:Alright, what I do not understand is : if we are all employed, we would have even less money to spend, if we do not buy stuff, who do you sell the products of the machines to???

C:That’s why we only work for 1 month every year!You are pretty correct, if ppl do not have money to buy the products, the machines would work less, then all businesses would have less employees, then ppl would have less money....it is like a vicious cycle!

B:I have a question : what about that money, where are those money from?

C:They do own a lot of the businesses, or say they are leaching on them, But hint the profit of those business do not go to us!But to them, and a lot people.The money they gave us, is from nothing, they are just printed out, then the factories just produce products for ppl to buy, you know, just like that youtube video about the banking system told us....

A and B:ahhh.....that video! (a video clip of that video about the bank and money....)A:Why cannot they print a lot money to giveus then, I mean the machines are not doing anything!

C:They say it is because the economy is vulnerable, actually it is a tricky thing, if most people do not have enough money, the economy is vulnerable, who would buy the products?Then the economy would run really slowly!But if everybody has a lot money, the economy would go really fast, way more products can be sold, then the economy is strong because all businesses have more chances to function.

A:So, still, we should give people a lot money!So the economy can go well, and everybody is rich and happy!


B:And if we gave people a lot money since the ancient times, the world could have developed way faster?

C:Not really, in the old days, machines were not as good, they can only do a small part of the work humans need to do, most of the jobs were still done by humans, it is slow, and expensive, like workers need to eat more, spend more. If we gave people too much money in ancient times, they would soon run out of products to buy, the ones did very little work would have way more products than their works deserve, good workers contributed more but wouldn’t be able to spend their money, it is destructive to the society and the economy, nobody would want to work anymore, and if people do not work in ancient times, they would starve, because nobody else would be doing it for them!!!

But nowadays, machines can do almost 99% of the jobs, most humans simply do not have real jobs anymore, even if we give people a lot money, the machines can make all the products for us to buy, and super little human works are needed during the process, everything works very fine.Also again, we are all unemployed because the machines are too good, so they can just raise us for free, for our prolificacy or say production power, it is pretty simple.

A:Why wouldn’t they gave us a lot money then, even though life is fine, but it is so hard.

B:Yeah, hehe, they say we are guilty!

A:But those damn bastards told us to do it!!!What about them?Jesus!


(A and B walked out of the factory....thinking about stuff....)

A:(talking to the sky)Can we have more money?

D(a voice from the sky, not that big):Why?Have you done THAT thing recently?

A:No, I just want more money so the economy can run well!

D:Oh, that....No!


D:Because the system said if you all have too muchmoney, the system breaks!


D:Like there ain’t enough money to go around?A:Really?The machines are being lazy most of the time, what if we just give everybody more money to buy their products?

D:Oh I see, you know that!Errr....How about....it would cost a lot raw materials?

A:The machines can get it for us, their works are just as good as humans’, only better.

D:How about the environment problem?A:We just spend some money, and send the machines to deal with it, it is not impossible!

D:Have you thought of the population growth?A:Jesus, you are still talking about that, every elementary school math teacher knows that if every couple have 2 children at most, the population hardly grows, not to mention, we can go explore places like the desert and the ocean or even other planets to expend out living space.


A:What is the true reason that you wouldn’t give us more money?

D:(whispering voice with the hand covering it up a bit)I think if everyone is happy from having more money, everyone would realize that everything is still perfect or even better, everybody would realize that for today’s world, free money is the best way to go, killing would only slow down or even stop the economy from growing.At least that’s what I heard about from their private conversations.You see, I am just working for them, the truth is : I want free money too! Free Money can actually make the economy go on top speed if we force it to be spend in a time period, and it would generate a lot wealth growth too, so we can actually get way more money than right now, also more and more money!And we can have perfect safety if we obey the law. According to confirmed studies!


B:(nod along happily....)

E:(supremo master of crime voice )What is going on?

D:Nothing!This guy is beating me up a bit, I was coughing at him!

A:(eyes rolls a bit...)Can you stop doing that shit?(giggles with B)

D:(pretentious voice)Do not try that shit again!(Pretend to beat up A and B a bit then went away...)

A and B : Pew.....snared a bit and nodded a bit to each other.

A:We’d better to ask some one really educated about this money thingy, like my college professor.

B:Yeah, you went to college!

(F and G’s place....a researcher’s office or something)

A:Hi, Mr.G, Mrs.G!


G:Ahh...It is A and B, nice to see you 2 again in the neighborhood.

A and B:hehehehe....

G:So what made you 2 want to stroll in the college again?

A:Ahh....we have some questions to ask you about free money!If you have the time!

F:Ahh, free money!

G:Free money is popular right now, it is pretty cool, pretty cool....

A and B:Oh, alright....(starting to sit down....)

F:Maybe we should take this conversation somewhere else, wink wink~~~

A and B:(smile)

(they went to a place with insulation or something, like with a steel roof or under a pool with water or something.... it is pretty nice though.)

A:Why this place? I mean it is pretty nice but under the pool?why wouldn’t they build it under other places like a place wouldn’t have a water leak?

B:Yeah....this is so interesting!....

F:Actually the newest study shows that this kind of environment can insulate the signal.

A:You mean....

G:Yeah, the head..... signal.

A and B:Oh.......

(everybody sit down comfortably, secretively....)

G:Everybody take their turn!What do you want to know about free money?

A:I do, how do we understand free money?

G:Do you understand the situation with the machines?

A and B:Yes we do, we just came from a factory, the factory manager explained it to us.

G:Alright, Free Money is to give everyone money for free every month or so, and force it to be spent in this time period, as long as you didn’t seriously violate the law, I mean real life laws, you can get your money.If you have a job, you can get extra reward from working, and you do not have to force spend that money but can do what you want with it!And because in this way, the economy can run on top speed, so the benefits or say the profits of the economy machine, which is wealth growth, would be maximum too.

Even though some say knowledge shouldn’t be considered as part of our overall wealth, but actually over thousands of years of accumulation, knowledge like technology, art and such, has became the biggest part of the overall wealth pie! Like if we take a knowledge out or put a new one in, our real life wealth difference it caused would be massive, which means, knowledge is part of the overall wealth for sure!

And knowledge is really hard to disappear, so generally speaking it is always growing, like in free money for example, every time a factory produced something, and if the products were sold successfully, they would put the money into developing new products, making improvements, or creating new technologies or even new science!They are all adding to the overall wealth of our society, the same thing goes with art and culture and such....they are all useful for us!And make the world stronger and stronger. So, not only free money can give everyone a easy life, it would make the world develop faster than ever!

A:What about hard working, and working for what you get?Isn’t that good spirit too?

G:It is, but hint that because modern machines are so good, they forced us to give up all the jobs, the unemployment rat globally has reached 75%, it is raising fast and can easily reach to 90% in all countries because modern technologies are so powerful and easy to use!

So, according to the definitions of Capitalism, it is already dead, like most of its main factors has been gone or dis-effective, but every country is having more and more Communism factors, which means, all countries in the world, including the USA and Europe, are all Socialism countries. Capitalism do not like giving people free stuff, but Communism or Socialism can gives people free money and products by default!

B:Why cannot we just let people do fake jobs for a living, like going through formalities, like just go to work everyday, but not doing anything, but get paid for it....

G:Why do we do fake jobs, we can get money for free directly, it would saves us way more money and trouble, also if we all do that, everybody would realizes that something is wrong, then their evil killing system would be reveal.

F:Yeah, what is about the killing, why killing exists?Can you explain it, professor?(maybe she knows, but she is still asking to keep the conversation going smoothly)

A:Are we talking about that directly already?

F:Yes we do, it is alright, (covering up the voice)we are insulated....

A: Right right...

B: Ahh...

G:Err.... the killing is simple too, even though they made it sounds so mysterious(dry cough or awkward laugh), but long story short, it is just them, a bunch of politicians, politician’s family, bankers and such, committing crimes, using the bank, the killing, to steal money from our society, because of our super high prolificacy or production power, even though they are doing a lot stupid ridiculous things to our world, but everyone is still rich, so in a way, we are all deceived to believe that they have mysterious powers to keep the world running, and we have to use them, but it is actually the opposite: they are just making us stupid so they can make the world pay for their super corrupted lifestyle and social superiority, in order to stop us from finding out the truth or working against them, they would have to keep people stupid and scared, by keep lying, brainwashing us and killing people continually to keep the terrorism going.

Their logic is : Killing makes people scared, then people wouldn’t dare to be against them, then they can stay in power longer and steal more money, so killing equals money to them! We are just being used by them to kill, get some little pocket change from them while they are spending money big time.It is just a criminal network, for them, killing would generate money, so they just keep telling us to kill more!

(everybody started an imagination like in a money storage place, a gigantic grumpy old capitalist guys are robbing money, and they threw some small coins to ppl to stop other people from stopping them, when they are walking away someone in the crowd is yelling : we hate you!Then the gigantic capitalist watched his watch, it says hate is raising so it is 2 hours or so till stepping down, so he yelled : 2 hours till stepping down, kill some more!!! Then some screaming happened, the meter was set back a lot more, they are relieved and left....)

A:Wow, that’s....so instead of giving people free money and let everyone be very rich and happy, we are just robbing our own countries for a living, that is super stupid....

G:Exactly, and if you think about, because the crimes and their corruption, the economy is not going too well, everybody is complaining and unwilling to contribute their best work to society, or even sabotaging it, so our overall wealth grows super slowly!!!

Then we all get less money, then the economy is even worse....it is a vicious cycle!

B:What about this Socialism thingy, I cannot stop thinking that if we do not use Capitalism, then we do not have to rely on doing stuff to get money, wouldn’t the problem be solved too? I mean the society think we have to do something for what we get, but if we do not have to, the problem would be gone!

G:Of course, we are all unemployed, we either get free money or commit crimes to get money, what else can it be, I mean welfare cannot help neither, it is ridiculous while the world is super developed but most of us are eating carrots to survive!


B:But how does this Communism or Socialism thing works, didn’t they tell us at school that Communists are losers and all the former Communism countries are poorer than the ones using Capitalism?

G:Yes, hehe, that’s an awkward history we need to put behind us already, because in recent year, people have realized that, no matter what the earliest Communism countries did, Communism is happening in a near future, because of what is happening in real life right now.And to be fair, the things Marx and Engels predicted about the future world, are actually pretty precise, and Communism is coming, so.... we should start accepting Communism already. Like as Marx and Engels said, because of the highly developed production power, Capitalism is dead, and Communism is becoming true because we have to give people free money otherwise they cannot survive, isn’t that a perfect irony with an wonderful Communism future?

A and B : Yeah... yeah, you are right.

A:We are Communists.

B:Indeed we are.... :)

(Maybe a classical Communism/Socialism society picture, like everyone gets a lot free money, having fun and getting educated hard, learning to do high class things machines cannot do, like science and art, sports....and machines are working hard and efficiently in almost all parts of the productions, scientists are creating new technology and knowledge for the world, the whole world is developing on top speed, and the camera zoom out to outer space, we are colonizing other planets to expend our living space....and the ending subtitle is : It is all easily possible right now!)

A,B,G,F : Wow..... (gazing into the future faces and very happy....)

A : This is so exciting!

G, B and F : Yes it is!!

F: I cannot wait for it to happen too, since it so simple and super beneficial for everyone, well, except for the corrupted ones on top of course, how many of them are there would really be against free money if they understood it, why cannot we do it already?

A: Yeah, how do we make free money happen?

G: Actually there are some practical issues between us and free money, but the good news is there ain’t many anymore, as we said, there would only be like thousands or at most tens of thousands of people on the whole planet would really be against free money! Since crimes made everything poor, they cannot afford to bribe the whole military and police, bribing part of them wouldn’t work, random criminals want free money too so they can be convinced easily.So....it is actually not that hard!

A: Wow, maybe we should start a revolution already!

B and F: Yeah, yeah....

G: Hold your horses, actually by definition, a revolution is to use violence against the government and take its power, but free money is not against the government, but is defending the government and the law against a few criminals on top, so free money, is NOT a revolution, it is a reformation at most.

Also if you think about it, the criminal society is way poorer than free money, free money has a lot money for everyone to share and everyone would get more and more money from it every month, so a Free Money society is richer and more attractive to everyone, as long as people understand free money, we wouldn’t need to be violent to make it happen, unless they are too stupid to start the violence themselves first!

A : Now we are talking.

F:(excited voice)What if we took the government, how should we rebuilt our society to adjust to free money and wouldn’t let things like massive crimes like killing happen again?

G:That is not impossible.First we need to think about one thing : How did killing start, why was it accepted, and how the criminals on top maintained it?

A: How?

G:It sort of all started from one thing in the head : their political body!

B:Political body, you mean that image of them in the head, they look really huge!

G:Yes, but hint that their political bodies, are made from our imaginations, having a gigantic political body, is like leading a gigantic army, you are not just being powerful, but you would have way more responsibilities too, if you do not manage it, it can work against you really hard, the bigger the political body is, the harder it is to be maintained, I mean, judging by the number of people in it of course.

A:What is about those political bodies, are they having problems?G:Actually they are! You see in the old days, like 100 years ago, political bodies were way smaller, like even a president of a big country, they are not known to people that much except for their names, because even if they show their faces in public, there ain’t many people can actually see them in close range and build a personal connection, not to mention they do not show themselves in real life too much, all the information about them delivered to people, were carefully designed or even fabricated, which built a delicate but effective barrier between most people and the presidents, their political bodies are thus protected too, they wouldn’t have that many people in them in the same time if they do not want to, it is easy to manage.

The same thing goes to other big people like other politicians, celebrities and such.

But in the 20th and 21st century, we have something new happened, which is the information age!

A and B:Oh?

G:Yes! The Information age has super developed media and ways to deliver messages, with incredible details, this resulted in one horrible things for famous people : they are known too well by everyone, or too many people, their privacy are seriously exposed to the public!Everybody can see famous people on TV, or the internet, everybody can find enough details to find them in the head, then their political bodies became unreasonably big....

Which is horrifying for them by the way!

A: Yeah, you do not say, it is dreadful, but what the big deal, you are just tired.

G: Not really, if you think about it, if a person have a gigantic political body, means he/she would be facing too many people in the same time in the head, they all want to talk to you, or spy on you, learn from you and such, it is like a none stop job with endless pressure.You have to organize them like in a real life company, like assigning some sub leaders, and sub leaders for them too, to make a structure in which everyone is willingly to work for you, that’s how you can maintain your gigantic political body, otherwise you would feel like dying all the time, like your body is killing itself. But because the people in you all have differences with you and each other, it is hard to keep them in line all the time, especially when you made some mistake, like breaking your promises, or treated everyone wrong, everyone would be hating you and you would start dying again, everyone has been too big up there knows the pressure, it can easily change a person’s life and turn you into a weirdo, simply because it is too hard to maintain that gigantic political body.

A: Yeah, you do not say, even in the old days, celebrities had too much direct contact with the public, would be seriously troubled mentally too, because they had to deal with too many people, with modern media and the internet, it is even harder for famous people to live.

No wonder they all become weirdos in the end!

B: Ahh....(having imaginations about real life celebrities went weird...)I heard they just killed the wrong people?

G:Actually that’s the next issue we are talking about : they started killing to deal with their problems!!!

B: Yeah, they do say killing can make you absolve energy and such to live longer, which was totally not the case I think....(being awkward)

G: They are totally lying, they just killed someone to scared the shit out of everyone so even if they did something, nobody would dare to hate them!

A: That’s why they are hysterical!

B: Alright....

F: And the killing began...

G: Exactly!

(everybody think about their own killing for a bit, including the professor....)

A: (broke the silence)So how do we deal with the problem, even if we have free money, wouldn’t we still have to deal with the political body problem of big people too?I heard even if you make everyone happy, it would be even worse for big people, you would be sucked dry!

G: It is not wrong actually, but I actually know a really useful solution to solve the problem!Have you heard of a thing called “The Democracy Machine”?

A and B: Democracy machine?

G: Yes, democracy machine is a real life machine, or say a group of machines, for people to use at anytime to vote, or express what they want, the machine collect their wishes, reports and evidenced they uploaded to decide what to do for the country, it works so fast and effectively in finding out what everybody is thinking, so it is pretty much the best democracy!

A: Do we have an example of it, what does it do?

G: Yeah, like a voting machine, which a lot people uses, actually today, we can just use the internet, to vote or express what we want on a website, then the AI would collect everything and figure out what everyone or most people are having in mind, then use it to suggest the government to do things about it.

A: What if everyone just talk bullshit to it?

G: The machine can only suggest the law or the government to do stuff instead of carrying out the action, then you can deal with it, only if everyone kept suggesting something too many times, then you have to pay attention to it, that’s safe and reasonable.

A and B : oh...hmmm.....yeah ofc!

G: And, the big political bodies would be saved, because we can just put the democracy machine on top to take the highest power of the government, and all politicians and celebrities are only allowed to have a political body with a biggest size limit, then the big people would stop suffering from their gigantic political bodies all the time, problem solved!

A and B : Wow!Bravo!

F: Yeah, (hehehe)and if you can hear about what he was talking about, like another thing about government power, it would be impressive.

G: Yes, but it is not me, it is another fellow scholar named Liu Pengjia, who is a quite talented young man by the way, and a very important researcher for free money. He said our society of free money, should have the government’s powers organized like this : The first and highest power is taken by the democracy machine, which is used by everyone on a custom made machine, with its own exclusive network.The second level of government power would be taken by a joint parliament or say a council formed by scientists, scholars and all the highly educated people, they would use use proofs, scientific articles to practice their power, like if someone among them published an article about something, proving that something is happening.Then everyone else including people outside of the council agreed to that the conclusion is correct, then the conclusion of the article is legally effective.This is truly the most civilized way to manage our society as I can think of, educated people know a lot great things the world do not know, we should have used educated people to mange our society long time ago, it would have avoided a lot mistakes in human history.

F: And the third level of government power is taken by the politicians, because the methods of politics are too primitive and savage, politicians are mostly causing problems nowadays other than solving some, so it is time to put the politicians down a bit, use more reliable ways to manage our society!

G: And they cannot be taking the highest power of our government for a long time to say the least.

A and B: Wow....

A:This democracy machine sounds really cool though!What else can we do with it except for suggesting things.

G: Oh, right right, the democracy machine, the democracy machine is TRUELY Awesome!We can use it to do a lot public services too, like monitoring things, like since we live in the information age, we can collect a lot information using cameras, artificial sensors, not only they can catch all the crimes, they can help us to monitor people’s working too, like we can use information disclosure to see if the working ones(since in a free money society only 1% of the population which are the elites can have jobs) are working hard, if they are not working out, we can fire a report and upload the evidences, then we can give the job to other competitors, as people like you and me, so we can keep the working skills of our workers as high as possible, so the country can run in full efficiency!!!

A:Ahhh(drunk face with amazement....)

B: Awesome, what else?

G: It can provide other services like online education, online psychological counseling. And litigation, like for example, a small problem happened: your window is broken, but you do not know how it happened, then you just type in your terminal : “One of my window glasses was broke, what happened?” The machine would check the surveillance camera, using AI to analyse it and answered: “You neighbor’s kid broke it while he was playing football.”, while showing your the clip of the video when it happened. You said : “I see.”,The machine asks: “Would you love to notify your neighbor John, the boy’s father?(Y/N?)”, then you typed “Y”, then John’s terminal would receive an email about the problem, evidence and the whole situation along with a question : “According to the market price and the law, you just need to pay 10 dollar for the repairing, if you accept and pay for it, the problem would be solved. (Y/N?)”, John typed “Y”, then 10 dollar would be conducted from John’s account and sent to yours, then you just pay for the repairing, John and his son give you their apologies, problem solved really fast and everybody is happy.

A and B: That is very fine!

A: Holy shit this democracy machine is useful, is it hard to make this machine, what if something serious happened, like a serious lawful situation?

G: No worry, actually with our technologies today, this machine is pretty east to be built, and it won’t cost too much, since computers are just made from plastic and sand with a little bit steel and copper. As for serious lawful situations which the machine cannot help with making an agreement using its expert system of the law, you can lodge an appeal, then use a human court and jury to judge it, or even a referendum in the end if necessary using the democracy machine again, just do it accordingly.

A and B : This Free Money society is really awesome, and it dealt with all the problems we have.

F:And it would make us all so happy and developed!

A, B, G and F : Yeah.....

G: It would be the happiest era of all human history, I mean all new eras can be the happiest in history, but Free Money is truly special, it is like the forever dream of all human kind since the beginning come true : no need to do anything, but everyone can live a pretty rich life, doing anything you are interested in as long as you obey the law!

A : Yeah we would be living in dreams....

B and C and G: Yeah...exactly....

(A and B and G and F, C,D,E too, all the actors and actresses started to walk out together like a curtain call, they started talking about how to achieve free money and the strategies....)

A: Free money truly is the ultimate solution for today’s world, and it is not hard to achieve at all. We just all start by resisting KILLING, without killing, bad guys would be disabled, then Free Money would happen really fast!

G: And if we start from now on, free money would be used for about 100 years at most, it is like the highest stage of Socialism, not only we would have more money than committing crimes instantly, but we would have more and more money, till we have too much money like tens of thousands every month, force spending it all would cause too much wasting because we do not need to use that much money, we would step into Communism, which is ....

G and F : “Take what you need!”

F to G:Yeah, enough talk out of you, next!

C: And all businesses would be bought by the country to become state-owned-enterprises, they produce products every month, then give equivalent amount of free money to everyone according to the overall prices of all the products, people use the money to share all the products since all the products belong to EVERYONE equally according to Communism, that’s how we distribute and use free money!

E: Yeah, except that some of the private businesses would be abandoned since they are worthless, heiheihei.

D: (elbowing E a bit)Everything is about keeping numbers, we are actually just sharing the products of machines using free money, also a perfect money system and the money study of Free Money has been done by Liu Pengjia, check the linked article below called “A perfect money system from Liu”, there would be no inflation and any error in issuing money neither!

E: There wouldn’t be loopholes for bad guys to exploit anymore, damn!

G: Yes, everything would become state-owned, which belongs to everyone for real, nowadays most private businesses are actually having lower efficiency than big companies since they do not have a better developing team most of the time and they have fewer machines and orders so their products are more expensive or has lower quality.

E: Can we corrupt a little bit?

G: Corruption caused the death of modern democracy, because democracy can be bought slowly, then the government was bought too, so corruption is what we need to irradiate with full force, like banning personal investments, spending savings too fast, or having too many employees for one person to use personally... and such....


G: Only 1% of the population can have jobs, so the competitions for jobs are pretty fierce actually, with the democracy machine and such, we can take turns to guarantee that only the best ones can have the jobs.

F: What if they all get lazy by agreements?G: Since it is not total Communism yet, we would still have a lot different companies for the same kidn of business, and we can use pricing to manipulate the competition level between companies, so they would all try hard to produce the best products, if they got lazy, we just adjust the profit rate higher so some of the worst companies’ products wouldn’t get bought, check the theory out from the article “A perfect money from Liu”.

F: Market do exist and competition is fierce too!

G: And they function wayyyy worthier than the market and competitions we have right now. Also we can create practicing jobs for everyone to do in turns, so the unemployed ones can make a bit extra cash too!

A: Awesome, I can finally have an honest job!

B: Wait, what about...... the things we did................

G: Old crimes before free money was known would be pardoned since we need to let the elites survive to build our countries, then everyone can become legal citizens so they can take free money.

A: But new crimes would be put on trail to avoid sabotaging to free money.So....


A: Free money would be and has to be used since the unemployment rate is too high already, according to their system, none of the unemployed ones can get a cent if they haven’t killed anyone in their lives, but even with a small part of them doing it, the world is going to end, we’d rather start a violent revolution, then use free money ourselves so we can be richer and have a smaller death number!

So, Free Money is truly the only way to go for the world!

(Just find an excuse to avoid their orders, it is pretty easy, there are a lot important people working for free money so supposedly it would happen soon, if you lost money or took less money from not obeying them and helping free money, Free Money can pay for your lost in the future, keep spreading the free money idea!)



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